Women’s: Interviews with Ali O’Leary and Sydney Scobee

We’ll have more from Media Day as well as our men vs. Concordia preview coming soon, but in the meantime I got to chat with two of UVM’s women’s newcomers for a Cynic piece. Here’s what they had to say.



“I chose UVM because I came here and visited and loved the campus. And I’m from Boston, so I liked the distance between home and here.”

On winning a state championship and how it prepared her for NCAA

“It definitely helped, like playing in front of the whole school in the state championship. Just having that experience, and the pressure on you, really helps.”

On her relationship with ex-Boston Shamrocks players at UVM [Rachael Ade & Madi Litchfield] and how it’s helped her transition

“We definitely all talked about our old coaches and teammates that we both know, and that’s just something we can talk about. I was definitely able to talk to them before I got here and they taught me the differences between the Shamrocks and UVM.”

Style of Play

“I play confidently and aggressive and I try to play smart, knowing the systems that we use.”


“Just to continue to stay confident and take criticism well from the coach and other players.”

On winning Miss Hockey in Massachusetts

“It definitely boosted my confidence even more, and it was good to be honored in that way.”



“I chose UVM partly because I wanted to go on the East coast, and I really liked the school campus and thought I would fit in best here.”

Style of play

“I think I play pretty confidently…I think I play very athletically; I think I play big a lot, I use my size to my advantage, and I think that really helps me a lot.”

Biggest adjustment from high school hockey

“I think the pace is a definitely little bit more fast. I think that’s probably the biggest adjustment. Everyone’s at the same level; there’s nobody that you can see a big difference in plays-wise.”


“Probably just to stay positive throughout the whole experience. I don’t know what’s going to happen throughout the year, but I think just to be in control of things I can control would be big for me.”

On winning a high school tournament championship [the Walser Invitational, hosted by Edina] and how it helps her prepare for college hockey

“It’s definitely nerve-wracking being in that position of being in the championship. But I think it taught me to stay composed and I think it’s helped me become who I am today from all those experiences.”

On competing for time with veteran goalies

“It’s definitely a positive because you can learn a lot of new things from them. You always have to try your hardest, because if you don’t, it’s not going to work out. I think we all push each other and I think it’s good for us.”


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