Recap: #12 UVM (M) 4, #5 BU 2

Okay this one’s a bit rushed – I don’t have a working computer so I’m using a kiosk at the Davis Center & I wanted to get this out before the game tonight.

Unreal game last night. The Den was a moshpit, Lekkas was a baller per usual, and the chant battles were funny. Oh yeah, and the Cats won.

BU struck first on a power play. Lekkas was down and that gave Bobo Carpenter essentially a tap-in to put the Terriers in front.

Cats then level it, Petruzzelli on a scramble in front. Scrappy play by the hosts would be the theme tonight, and proved big on the winning goal.

But let’s stick with order, and now up is FREE FRIES. Kieffer Bellows hauls down Colton (good penalty to take if you’re Bellows, knowing how good Colton is at breakaways). Cats then pull ahead in the last minute of the first as Matt O’Donnell blasts one through a screen for his first NCAA goal.

BU got one back in the second, another power play goal. Similar to the first one, Lekkas was down and out and that gave BU a tap-in, this time through Patrick Harper.

But the Cats would pull ahead in the third through Truculence Tom Forgione. Mad scramble in front, somehow Lodermeier got the puck to him and he’s not missing from there.

Colton adds an empty netter for the final.

Rematch tonight.


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