Recap: #15 UVM (M) 3, Merrimack 1

…I should’ve said at some point earlier this year, “if there’s a non-break home game and I didn’t recap it, check the upcoming Cynic.” Seriously, I’ve recapped more than a few series there, and figured writing the same piece, just with more analysis and personality, would be more trouble than it’s worth.

Anywho…outside of the first 10 minutes of the first, probably the most complete game UVM’s played in a while. And Mack isn’t a bad team, coming in after 7 unbeaten.

First goal by Colton…dude absolutely embarrasses a defender, then rips one top shelf on the PP. The UVM PP, which had been struggling, had two goals last night, but also had one of the worst five minute power plays I’ve ever seen. Like, Niagara-would’ve-scored-a-shorty-against-it level bad.

Second period, second goal, another one on the PP. Puskarich from the slot, and the red-hot Bowen tips it home. Bowen, much like Will Grigg, is on fire. (Reference, if you didn’t watch the Euros.)

UVM take two penalties right at the end of the second, and Mack cashes in on the PP early on in the third. Lekkas goes down, and Sami Tavernier stuffs it. Tie game, they’re still on the PP, and we’re getting nervous. (Luckily, they don’t make anything of the second half.) Side note, what is it with Merrimack and French players? First Da Costa and now Tavernier.

But UVM gets the insurance goal, although it may have cost them Jarrid Privitera. Original shot by O’Donnell hit Privitera (who was down for a while), Puffer able to stuff home the rebound. Cats absolutely DOMINATED that third, probably the best period I’ve seen from them all season.

Some thoughts:

  • Said it on Twitter and I’ll say it again: I love games with no white jerseys. I want UVM to either bring back those cream-colored throwbacks from 13/14, or the gold jerseys from last year. Use those as the lights and the current alts as the darks. Wham. Best jersey combo in Hockey East.
  • Stefanos Lekkas had what I thought was his best game in months. I don’t think he’ll start tonight, seeing as it’s senior night, but I’d like more of that Lekkas than the Lekkas we got the last couple of weeks.
  • Tonight’s game will be interesting, these teams did not like each other. One of the chippiest games of the year for sure.
  • Glad to see Muscoby back on his feet after that awful hit by LeBlanc. On the other hand, hope Colton’s okay, he came off early with a wrist injury
  • Win ensures we’ll face either UMass or Maine in Round 1. Most likely Maine, since UMass would have to beat Providence which LOL NOT HAPPENING

The Vermont Hockey Blog Three Stars of the Game

  1. Brian Bowen (UVM) – An assist and a goal, his form is white-hot right now.
  2. Stefanos Lekkas (UVM) – His best game at least since the Belfast series. More of this, please.
  3. Ross Colton (UVM) – If only for how badly that defender got burned on his goal.



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