Men’s Hockey: A Tribute to the Seniors

With tonight’s game against Northeastern, five players will be playing their final regular season game at the Gutt. Now, there may be more home games depending on if we can secure home ice…but still, I do these on senior day.

There were some ups and downs with this group, whether it be the solid 2014-15 and 2016-17 seasons, the unlucky 2015-16 season, or this one. But still, they put in the work for four years and deserve recognition.

Let’s recognize those playing their last regular season games at Gutterson today.

#10 – Forward – Travis Blanleil

Career Statistics: 89 GP, 7-6-13

Blanleil doesn’t pop out on the stat sheet, and he’s a small guy. But I’m not sure there’s a person on this roster that (from the eye test) busts his ass more than him. A fierce forechecker and relentless backchecker, along with a positive presence in the locker room, Blanleil always gave 100% effort, whether UVM was trailing 5-0, winning 5-0, or duking it out in a tie game.

#19 – Forward – Jarrid Privitera

Career Statistics: 134 GP, 27-32-59

When Jarrid’s brother Alexx left BU in 2013, Jarrid also decommitted from the Terriers, electing to go with his brother. And when Alexx chose UVM, so, too, did Jarrid. Over his four-year career, Privitera has provided some solid scoring from the middle-six, and has contributed defensively as well on the PK.

#23 – Forward – Rob Darrar (C)

Career Statistics: 107 GP, 12-22-34

I’ll be honest and say I was really surprised when Darrar was named captain. A former teammate of Privitera’s at Dubuque, Darrar was in the midst of a career year as a junior before an injury took the wind out of his sails. He’s still solid, but is playing a bottom-six depth scorer and power play point man role as opposed to a top 6 role.

#26 – Defender – Trey Phillips

Career Statistics: 99 GP, 4-11-15

Phillips is an oddball, having joined the team midway through the 2014-15 season alongside Ori Abramson. An undersized defender, he’s one of only 3 righties on the team. He actually played forward at Brooks, but D at UVM. Never a staple in the lineup, he nevertheless carved out a decent role with the team.

#28 – Forward – Anthony Petruzzelli

Career Statistics: 134 GP, 21-21-42

Had UVM held on for the tie, “Rico” would have been the hero last night. A key scorer for some good Brooks teams in junior, Petruzzelli didn’t fill that role at UVM, but rather that of a bottom-six depth scorer and penalty killer. He did give us one memorable moment, though: the OT winner at Conte in 2015 that gave UVM its first win against the Eagles in 5 years.

Thanks for the four years everyone, and good luck.


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