Does UVM really overrecruit?

One thing that even I’ve blasted Kevin Sneddon for in this space is overrecruitment: snagging more verbal commits than you can give scholarships and playing time to. But is UVM really this bad in this area? I decided to take a look.

I used EliteProspects for recruits, although it’s not perfect (UVM has 3 players listed there – Max Sauve, Christian Thomas, and Ocean Wiesblatt – that I know decommitted, so I omitted them from the count) it’s probably the easiest way.

Team Commits
Michigan 35
Wisconsin 34
Colorado College 31
Northeastern 29
Michigan State 29
UConn 28
Quinnipiac 27
Notre Dame 27
Omaha 27
Minnesota 26
Harvard 25
BU 24
Providence 24
Ohio State 24
Western Michigan 24
Michigan Tech 24
Vermont 23
BC 22
Denver 22
Maine 21
UMass Lowell 21
Cornell 21
Penn State 21
UMass 20
Miami 20
North Dakota 20
Arizona State 19
RPI 19
St. Lawrence 19
Yale 19
Air Force 18
Dartmouth 18
Niagara 17
Clarkson 17
Lake Superior 17
Northern Michigan 17
Mercyhurst 16
Merrimack 16
Minnesota Duluth 16
St. Cloud 16
Bentley 15
Brown 15
Alabama-Huntsville 15
Bemidji State 15
Minnesota State 15
UNH 14
Bowling Green 14
Army 13
Holy Cross 13
Princeton 13
Union 13
Canisius 12
Robert Morris 12
RIT 11
Colgate 11
Sacred Heart 10
Alaska-Anchorage 8
Ferris State 8
Alaska 6

In bar graph form:


Not only is UVM not top-5, they’re not even top 10. I have some thoughts here:

  • I’m including transfers in this (Alabama-Huntsville’s Jake Theut from Northeastern, Michigan Tech’s Matt Jurusik from Wisconsin, BC’s Ben Finkelstein from SLU, etc.)
  • The average amount of commits for a school is 19, rounded up to the nearest full number.
  • No team should EVER have 30+ commitments. So shame on CC, Wisconsin, and Michigan. By the way, the Michigan number is more reflective of Mel Pearson than Red Berenson; two-thirds of those commits have come since he was hired last summer. (On the other hand, half of Tech’s commits were Joe Shawhan’s, and Tech fans seem to think he’ll be cutting down on the overrecruitment.)
  • Really, shame on the Big Ten (what else is new), only Penn State and Ohio State have fewer than 25 commits. The message I see to the other 5 teams is that they want to replace their entire team within
  • The Alaskas being so low makes sense when you consider their unstable future. Didn’t expect Ferris to be that low, though.
  • UNH being so low was a legitimate surprise for me. Maybe the down years are taking a toll?

To further specialize, let’s take a look at Hockey East, shall we?

Team Commits
Northeastern 29
UConn 28
BU 24
Providence 24
Vermont 23
BC 22
Maine 21
UMass Lowell 21
UMass 20
Merrimack 16
UNH 14


Middle of the pack, and not much would separate them from being in the bottom 3!

I’m gonna take the L here – while UVM is recruiting over the average amount, it’s not a problem that is HORRENDOUSLY bad. I stand by the bulk of my criticisms of Sneddon, but I’ll backtrack on this one for now.